What does my child wear to class?

Girls should wear leotards. Shorts or properly fitted sweat suits are allowed. Please: no tights, leotards with skirts or jewelry.

Boys should wear gym shorts and t-shirts, or properly fitted sweat suits.

016What happens if I miss a class?

Makeup classes are available for all students who are unable to attend their scheduled class time. Visit Makeup Classes for more information.

I’m not sure my child will like gymnastics. What do you recommend?

If a child is unsure, we invite you to come and observe the class before registering.

How do I know what class to enroll my child in?

Based on age,  ability, and/or experience, our staff will recommend which class would be best suited to your child.

The best time to call is:

  • Monday thru Friday, 12 pm to  7:00 pm
  • Saturdays, 8:30 am to 12 pm
P1040876Is there a year-end event/show?

We have 3 exhibitions thoughout the year for our students to perform the compulsory gymnastics routines they have learned.

  1. Snowflake Exhibition (December)
  2. Spring Fling Exhibition (March)
  3. Stars & Stripes Exhibition (June)

Click here for more info.

How do I receive information?

Spectrum produces a newsletter every 8 weeks that you will receive via email or you can pick up a copy at the gym. The newsletter contains important reminders, upcoming closings and events.

Can I observe my child’s class?

You are welcome to stay and observe your child’s class or feel free to leave, whatever you are more comfortable with. Observation is from the mezzanine only. Please keep small children away from the railing. Children not enrolled at Spectrum are not allowed in the gym area.

P1040797Is there a discount for siblings?

There is a 15% discount for a second child and a 25% discount for a third child or a second class.

Do you offer private classes?

We offer private lessons for boys and girls, ages 5 and over. Click here for more information.

What days is the gym closed?

Visit our Calendar page for this information.

For more information please refer to our Parent Guidelines and our Student Guidelines.