Student Guidelines

Before class begins

All students should check in at the main desk prior to attending class.

During class

  • Use only the equipment that your instructor has requested
  • Students should work only skills that your instructor has asked you to try
  • Never spot other classmates without permission of your instructor
  • Always ask your instructor for permission to leave class. When you do leave class, be sure to watch where you walk. Always stay clear of blue landing mats, other classes, and NEVER run across the blue floor exercise mat. Grey carpeted areas are safe areas.

Gym RulesP1040944

  • Long hair and bangs must be tied back and secured.
  • All jewelry should be removed before entering class.
  • No gum or candy is allowed while participating in class.


  • If you injure yourself during class, tell your instructor immediately.
  • If you injure yourself at home or school, please explain the injury to your instructor before class begins.
  • If your instructor must leave class for some reason, please stay off the equipment until he/she returns.
  • Class students are not allowed on the trampoline without an instructor.

What to wear

  • Girls should wear leotards. Shorts or properly fitted sweat suits are allowed. Please: no tights or leotards with skirts.
  • Boys should wear gym shorts and t-shirts, or properly fitted sweat suits.

When class ends

If your parents are late picking you up, notify front office staff and you must wait inside the gym area or main office. You are not allowed to wait in the foyer or outside.